Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Open Mouth Technique?"
The "Open Mouth Technique" is similar to using a breath spray. Press and inhale through the opening, just as you would with your current inhaler. This technique is clinically proven to be equally effective at delivering precise doses deep into the lungs. No mouthpiece needed! Bloom is more hygienic and discreet than your pMDI.

How much does Bloom cost?
Bloom will be shipping for $40.

Is Bloom compatible with my medication?
Bloom will be compatible with all HFA inhalers. It is intended to be used with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease medication.

Is Bloom FDA approved?
Bloom is being rigorously tested to ensure we go above and beyond the FDA's strict medical device requirements. We put reliability, performance, and safety before anything else. Our device will be available for pre-order once approval is granted.